Message From the Editors, 2013 Rubor Volume 1

Welcome to the inaugural issue of Rubor: Reflections on Medicine from the Wasatch Front. We are deeply grateful to the Division of Medical Ethics and Humanities at the University of Utah as well as the Associated Students of the University of Utah for providing financial support for this publication. Our hope is that Rubor will serve as a forum for people from all aspects of healthcare in Utah to share their stories and showcase their creative talents. Through fiction, non-fiction, poetry, and visual art, the publication will explore medicine by focusing not only on the promise of curing, but also on the art of healing. With each issue, we will aim to provide honest insight into the challenges and triumphs of health care. We envision Rubor as a way to encourage creative exchanges between providers and patients as well as among the various professions within the health sciences. Rubor greatly appreciates and depends on contributions from our community. To view additional submissions that were published online, please visit Thank you for reading, and we hope to hear from you! The Editors
Quinn Orb, M.D.

Rubor Participation:
2015 Editor-in-Chief
2014 Staff
2013 Editor-in-Chief
2012 Rubor Co-creator