The Journey I Shared With My First Pediatric Patient… …Expressed in Chocolate

The Journey I Shared

  1. Cherries & Spice… she came to us in the middle of the night (dark chocolate), fussy and feisty (tart cherries), with a fever of unidentified source (spicy heat).
  2. Nutella Truffle… during her stay, she was mellow and sweet (like the soft hug of nutella chocolate), allowing us to poke and prod to figure things out.
  3. Lemondrop… finally, on a snowy day (white chocolate), I was greeted by a beautiful bright smile and an exuberant spirit (lemon drops) when she was ready to be on her way.
  4. … we have a lot to learn from our patient’s transparency, resilience, and energy. Furthermore, it goes to show that life really is better dipped in chocolate!
  5. With love,
  6. Linh Moran, MSIII