MS3: What It’s Like to Be Green

Up real early, pre-rounds, rounds, pimp my face off.
Admit, admit. Osteomyelitis, hold the antibiotics, oh shh.
Rinse, lather repeat. I’m beat. This girl’s got to get some sleep.
Coffee black. I’ll take it drip. Follow up, ruptured appi. Try to get a grip. Present next patient, this time don’t look like a complete idiot.
Stress, I’m a mess. Is this stable angina?
Esophageal spasm, pleural pain, or maybe cardio trauma? I need my mama.
Another drip coffee, take a sip and a breath. Let it rest. Ease this pain in my chest.
Now it’s six p.m. on a Friday and I’m laying in my bed.
Textbook excerpts, study questions are running through my head. My body feels like lead.
Social life. What’s that? Maybe the gym or just a snack. Another nap? Yeah, I got it like that.
My EKG skills are slack. When you know it shout it out, if not smile and nod.
Write it down, look later. Play the game you little fraud. Wait, wait hold up. It’s not all bad.
The people, the patients, the crying and the sick.
Compassion and learning, bring it back into perspective. So you give. Keep on trying. You feel like crying? Step back. Take a breath. Back on track.
Up real early, pre-rounds, rounds, pimp my face off. Admit, admit. Get it, get it.
Rinse lather repeat. I’m beat. This girl’s going to get some sleep.
Wake up. Do it again. Little girl dreams, full circle. MS3 mid year debacle.
Work it, work it. Make a decision. Clock is ticking. Career picking. One more year till no revision .
For now I sleep. I’m beat. Rest, so you can repeat.
Rinse, lather, don’t shatter. In the end, remember what matters.
This is MD. Year three.


A native of North Salt Lake and graduate of Utah State University and UUSOM. She is a psychiatry resident at the University of Utah and frequent Rubor contributor.