Letter From the Editor, 2016 Rubor Volume 4

Dear Readers,

Thank you for taking the time to read the latest edition of Rubor. Our goal is to create a dialogue about the challenges and triumphs of health care and to encourage creative expression among those at the University of Utah Health Sciences. It is clear by the diverse works submitted this year that there exists extensive talent across campus.

In this volume we continue to explore how artistic expressions allow us to reflect on our experiences in science and medicine. Sandra Osborn’s time working in the blood bank leads her to question the intersection of life and death and explores what it means to live. Through poetry, Andrew Martin, Ana Maria Lopez and Heather Curtis explore the interactions between physicians and patients and provide context to these difficult conversations.

Challenging topics in medical ethics are approached with thoughtful consideration and expressed with artistic eloquence. Christine Kannapel comments on the historical practice of, and medical fascination with, preserving anomalous fetuses in jars. Ian Fordham produces an Italian-style sonnet about a rare phenomenon in which abled bodied individuals desire to be physically disabled and explores the controversy of elective amputation of otherwise healthy limbs.

In addition, photographs are featured that capture magnificent scenes along the Wasatch Front. Original collages and hand-crafted pieces are included that illustrate the balance of objectivity and humanism in medicine. Sketches and paintings also beautifully capture artistic emotion. These represent just of a few of many other works of art found within these pages.

I am pleased to present to you this collection of artistic expressions which is a great demonstration of the creative talent found within the University of Utah community. We hope to continue to serve as a forum for students, patients and health care providers to explore the art of medicine.

Martin de la Presa

Martin de la Presa, M.D.

Rubor Participation:
2016 Editor-in-Chief
2015 Contributing photograph
2014 Poetry Editor