Bye Bye Baby: Mom’s Perspective

Bye sweet baby
Bye bye
Or would it be better to wait out this trial?
Birth you completely
Have you live for the littlest while?
Months and months more of mutual agony
To have you suffer outside of me?
No, I’m sorry
There’s no need to make you cry baby
Bye sweet baby
Bye bye

Anna Shvartsur is a student in the University of Utah School of Medicine class of 2020. She plans to go into psychiatry. She studied microbiology, immunology and genetics as an undergraduate at UCLA. Outside of medicine, she enjoys swimming, sand volleyball, playing the ukulele and eating dessert. 

Rubor Participation:
2019 Poem, "The Words We Use"
2019 Poem, "Bye Bye Baby"
2017 Poem, "Undo"