One of Those Days

Suddenly, I wake up

But not the usual way

No alarm or sunlight to guide me

It’s dark and I’m writhing in pain


“Uh oh”, I say

It’s that time again

I look around, “Oh shoot –there’s a stain”

It’s okay—nothing I can’t wash away


I better get up and take some pain meds today

Or I won’t be able to sit in class again

“Stomach” hurts, back aches, bad posture all day

I’ll be going through the motions in secret pain

Hopefully…these meds work today


One hour goes by

I feel the same

Three hours go by

Uterus is to blame


I take another dose

I know I’m not supposed to

I should wait another hour,

But how am I supposed to?


My “stomach” is relentless

I really can’t get past this

I need these meds to work this time

So I won’t skip today’s classes


I’m lying on the couch

Contorted in position

Waiting, breathing, hoping

That these meds make a decision


Suddenly, I wake up

My regular, usual way

Groggy and wanting more sleep

I look around—so bright outside

I think the pain went away!


I can’t believe it’s been half a day…

I’m almost out of time, the bus is on its way

At least I won’t be missing class today