Blue and Yellow

She laughed as she ran
With her woolly hair splayed out like a dandelion
Ripe for wishing 

“Here!” she proclaimed, “Look where we are!”
A kingdom of grass and old cars and stars
And you can be anything you want
And she beamed a huge toothy grin 

And so they were everything
They were dinosaurs and wizards and knights and large cats

And they grew together
And knew that they were the same 

Until they were told that was a lie 

Because she preferred blue, and he liked yellow
And on that same subject her skin was the wrong color
And it made people scared
And it was not okay 

So they covered her skin
To make people less scared
And they cut off her hair
And the wishes went too

But it wasn’t enough
Because he liked yellow, and she preferred blue 

And so they took her away
And people breathed sighs of relief 

He cried as he ran
Back to the kingdom
Where he could be anything he wanted
But this was no longer a place for wishing

Michael Prestgard-Duke, MD grew up in Salt Lake City and spent several years studying architecture before pursuing medicine. He loves soccer, backpacking, strong coffee, and sipping PBR on the porch with friends.

Rubor Participation
2020 Tempera paint and Salt, "Wild Child"
2020 Charcoal and pastel, "A Study of Form"
2020 Mixed media, "A Study of Tessellation"
2018 Staff
2017 Contributing Monoprint