Collective Rebirth

I created this artwork during my first year of medical school for our Layers of Medicine class. It is meant to be an exploration of the connections we form through this arduous but enriching journey. This multimedia piece represents our communal metamorphosis from strangers to family and from students to doctors. Like siblings, we join together at different stages of development. We fight, learn, resolve, fail, persevere, forge relationships, and drift apart; but at the end of the journey, we are collectively reborn and transformed.

Sabina Imanbekova

MED '22
Issues: Volume 7

Sabina Imanbekova, UUSOM '22 is a third-year medical student, mom, Rubor co-editor, and a 20-year Utah resident. She hopes to pursue the art and science of Diagnostic Radiology and enjoys piano, exercise, puns, and the great outdoors.

Rubor Participation:
2020 Oil/acrylic on canvas, "The Forest"
2020 Associate Editor
2019 Acrylic/felt/LED light painting, web edition
2019 Prose Content Editor