Heart of Perspective

"Heart of Perspective" - Digital, Oil Pastel by Kaitlin J. McLean

“I am a first year medical student who recently graduated from the University of Utah with undergraduate degrees in Physics and Psychology. A piece of my work was recently chosen to be displayed in a new housing project on campus, and this year is my first work in health-related imagery.

This piece is a reflection on a care-provider’s tendency to see what they expect to see. Up close, or to the untrained eye, this piece may seem abstract, whereas a provider or student may realize that the colors are blurred in the rough pattern of an EKG- you see what you expect to see. Once seeing the EKG, it is impossible not to again, and hard to appreciate the picture as a whole.”

Kaitlin McLean, UUSOM '23, has a Bachelor’s degrees in Psychology and Physics. She has passions for advocacy, working with unsheltered populations, and dancing

Rubor Participation
2020 Oil pastel/digital media, "Heart of Perspective", web edition