A Story Told in ASL

bacterial meningitis
as an infant
demanded that he spoke with his hands
a sequelae of his genes
rendering his world silent
he lacked the capacity
to form any immunologic memory
so infections were destined
to repeat themselves
“X-linked Agammaglobulinemia”
as it is written in the textbook
as it is written in the news
my goodmornings
were scratched with sharpie on a legal pad.
he needs a bag hung from a pole
to deliver what he’s incapable
of producing himself
That is, until he switched jobs
And now his new Insurance told him
he needed to prove
that these bags are truly a necessity
In the meantime
he could go without
said the voice over the phone
Don’t mind the pandemic
they said
translated with quick and articulate gestures
But things go the way they go
as they say
and he turned up in the hospital
with his lungs more cotton than air
his body on fire
Similar to so many bodies burned that year

He could’ve used that bag
We said

Rubor Participation
2018 Staff