Team 1


2020 Editor-in-Chief

Lily is a fourth-year M.D. candidate, class of 2020, at the University of Utah School of Medicine. She was born in Washington, DC and grew up in Oklahoma. After graduating from Yale University with a B.A. in American Studies, with focuses in architecture, sculpture, and American history, and a senior thesis on the transcontinental railroad, she logically decided that she wanted to go to medical school and continued her pre-med coursework at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore. Before moving to Utah, she taught science and math for the American Indian Education Program of Norman, Oklahoma Public Schools and worked for the University of Oklahoma Department of Biology. Her clinical medical research includes projects with Departments of Neurosurgery at several institutions, among which are a few medical history papers. She advocates for the intersection of medicine and science with the arts and humanities, which implore us to write, create, empathize and think critically, especially vital in this particular setting that demands recognition and respect for diverse patients, people and experiences. She is grateful for the support of the University of Utah School of Medicine Division of Medical Ethics and Humanities and all those who support it; the Layers of Medicine course for medical students, led by Dr. Karly Pippitt and Dr. Gretchen Case, and Parallel Charts writing course, led by Dr. Susan Sample; and all of her previous art teachers.

She loves western American history, maps, and the National Parks.