The benefit of the doubt

The  benefit  of  the  doubt  sauntered  into  the  operating   theatre  and demanded  to  speak  to  the  attending surgeon.   He  gave her  a  blunt scalpel  and  an  extra sterile towel,  then  hid  under the drapes  for  the rest  of  the  case. I gave the benefit of  the  doubt  a three-strike  policy. You  really shouldn’t  be doing  …


Scribbling, humming, tattoo on the corner of her eye Me, medical student, first year, trying to smile A couple of questions She tells me her life A cycle of abuse, trauma, addiction, uncertainty What to do, how to change, where to find a guiding light So much hope and pain and soul Condensed into something …

Librarian Haiku

A well-crafted search The terms tingling my brain Anticipation Bibliography Carefully tracked and succinct For the curious Have fun with MeSH terms Milk, Human/adverse events Mom’s milk can be bad?


28 candles flickering. I close my eyes and make a wish. I can’t tell you what it is, that would be bad luck. 28 years old, her chart reads. Triple-negative invasive breast cancer. What, I wondered, did she wish for? She can’t tell me, that would be bad luck. A half-collapsed cake in the corner …


He fits in my palm. It’s been about 20 minutes Since he was coaxed from the Baby house by the surgeon But only 5 minutes of being alive. (Those first 15 minutes, life was evasive.) I blink at him Still wishing I could swap My heart rhythm for his Both for his sake and mine. …

Self Awareness

The moment I first saw your heartbeat- white lines progressing across the dark screen, competing with echoes of the past: Better not if you want a career! You’ll loose your edge! Don’t talk about family if you want the job! now crashing across your amorphous shape and drowning in the vast depths of human experience- …

Novel Human Illness

Everything is quickly changing

Fallen Through the Cracks

We did the exam, gave her the news and she was silent.

White Coat Blues

White coat blues, got them white coat blues.

Focus on the Numbers

15: the number of feet you flew through the air in the incident;


Painting, Poetry

The Journey

A longing desire, A burning fire,


I am haunted


When I was a medical student,

Hippocratic Souls

Meditation. Yoga. Meditation. Yoga.

Ocean Heart

I had been sick with a cough for a week


An 11th birthday present,

Mass Effect

I do not know


I was not the last to touch her,

Gallbladder Pain

Those were her words