2020 Voices from the Residents, Introduction

A collection of 55-word stories from residents at the University of Utah

Voices from Residents 2020 is a forum for residents from the University of Utah School of Medicine to share stories of their experiences in medicine; to promote resilience and prevent professional burn-out by normalizing vulnerabilities experienced in medicine; to provide role-modeling for medical students; and to showcase the creative talents of residents.  Through (roughly) 55-word narratives, Voices from Residents transmits emotional knowledge about the art of medicine gained through caring for patients, interacting with family members, and navigating changing and demanding schedules. Resident writing bears witness to experiences that occur when operating in the space of expert yet learner, and how to navigate the emotional, psychological, and existential challenges often confronted yet frequently silenced in the culture of medicine. In the curation of this collection, three themes emerged: a focus on learning, handling emotion, and struggling with limitations of medical care.

Part One: The Learning Process
Multiple Hats
Residency Drifting by
The First Day
Medical School: A One Act Play
Just Keep Breathing
Room by Room

Part Two: The Handling of Emotion
Dear Mike,
New Patient Visit: Sibling Exam after Death of Sister
Crossed Wires
Running His Mouth

Part Three: The Inadequacy of Care
Mrs. T
Mangled Hand
Palpable Fine Needle Aspiration, Left Thigh, Huntsman Clinic 2C
Full-time Job
Safety Symbiosis
Nursery (After Jack Gilbert)

Editorial Staff: Ben Drum, Kathryn Schmidt, Britt Hultgren
Faculty Support: Amy Cowan, Susan Sample, Sara Lamb

A second-year combined Internal Medicine-Pediatrics resident.

Voices from the Residents:
2020 Co-editor
2020 Prose, "Running His Mouth"

Rubor Participation:
2020 Poem, "Med-amorphosis"
2020 Poem, "Gallbladder Pain"
2019 Poem, "Hospital Tourism"

Co-Editor, Volume 1, Voices from the Residents. An Internal Medicine resident.

Co-Editor, Volume 1, Voices from the Residents. A Family Medicine resident.

Faculty Support, Voices from the Residents | Volume 1

Faculty Support, Voices from the Residents | Volume 1

Faculty Support, Voices from the Residents | Volume 1