Multiple Hats

“Is the patient delirious?” staff question. The psychiatrist arrives.
Staff relax.
“Nope! Nurse, call a rapid!” I holler. I’m watching the vitals—they’re stable but the patient isn’t responding. Everyone arrives. I initiate orders.
Head CT, clotting factors, and versed. STAT.
“You’re the psychiatrist? Thanks for orders.”
Eyebrows raised.
I take a breath and smile.

Year Created: 2020

A 2nd yr resident in the combined "Triple Board" program -- pediatric medicine, adult psychiatry, and child/adolescent psychiatry. I will spend a total of five years split between all three programs. Residents in the program will rotate in the same hospital, but often wearing a different hat. This is why eyebrows were raised when the psychiatry resident knew and was comfortable initiating the neurology rapid response algorithm in a children's medical hospital. All in a day's work of a combination resident.