This publication was initially inspired by the Voices from the Wards found at wards/ which features our students’ stories of being physicians-in-training. The inaugural edition of Voices from the Faculty was published in 2020 with plans to annually print new editions.


We invite all faculty to contribute a 55-word story to Voices from the Faculty. Examples of 55-word stories are attached at the end.

What Are We Looking For

We are looking for submissions that address aspects of medical practice, education, and training, including but not limited to: ethical dilemmas, mistakes, challenging emotional situations, tensions between personal and professional spheres, and patient encounters, especially those that are memorable for being inspirational as well as troubling. Submissions do not need to be clinically based; we welcome stories from the classroom, too.


Submissions must be exactly 55 words (not including the title) in the form of personal narratives or stories, poetry, or a hybrid genre of creative nonfiction. They must relate actual experiences of the author; fictional accounts will not be accepted. The use of creative techniques used in writing fiction–character description, setting, scene, dialogue, and conflict, for instance–is highly recommended. Submissions should be written creatively in a voice that is personal, not didactic or pedantic. Submissions must be professional in tone and theme; specifically, the stories should be respectful of student and patient privacy and of the patient-provider relationship. Editors may reach out to authors with questions about theme, word choice, or readability.

The submission page can be found at Questions can be directed to Dr. Susan Sample ( or Dr. Gretchen Case (


Annual print edition: submission deadline June 30, 2021.


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