Published annually in printed form, Voices from the Residents is a resident-led publication which serves as a forum for residents from all specialties from the  University of Utah School of Medicine to share stories of their experiences in medicine. Through 55-word narratives, Voices from the Residents transmits emotional knowledge about the art of medicine gained through caring for patients, interacting with family members, and navigating changing and demanding schedules. Resident writing bears witness to experiences that occur when operating in the space of expert yet learner, and how to navigate the emotional, psychological, and existential challenges often confronted yet frequently silenced in the culture of medicine.

Guidelines/Editorial Policies


Submissions are limited to about 55 words in the form of personal narratives or stories, poetry, or a hybrid genre of  creative nonfiction. They must relate actual experiences of the author; fictional accounts will not be accepted. The use of creative techniques used in writing fiction–character description, setting, scene, dialogue, and conflict, for instance–is highly recommended.

Submissions of visual art also will be accepted for consideration as cover art.


Subject matter should address aspects of medical practice, education, and training, including but not limited to:  ethical dilemmas, mistakes, challenging emotional situations, tensions between personal and professional spheres, and patient encounters, especially those that are memorable for being inspirational as well as troubling.


The stories in Voices from Residents should be written creatively in a voice that is personal, not didactic or pedantic.  The writing should “hint” or “show,” rather than tell readers what are the submission’s “teaching points.”


Annual print edition: submission deadline January 31, 2022.


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