Forgive the cliché, but I think of Oppenheimer watching the bomb

Multiple Hats

Is the patient delirious, staff question.

The First Day

New badge says, “Physician,”


Many people have asked—”Why the eyes?”

Room by Room

You never forget the howl of a woman just informed that her unborn baby is dead.


I tried to answer your question the best I could, but again you asked it.


“So, what are we going to do about this?”

Dear Mike,

I met your grandparents.


Him, breathless, handcuffed to the oxygen tank in tow.


Did you know, when I called 911, I was put on hold.

Crossed Wires

“But I’ve never had this happen before.”

Running His Mouth

I’m trapped in the room—twenty-minute visit turning to sixty.


Driving in the dark to a South Jordan funeral home.

Mrs. T

“I don’t feel worth a damn.”

Mangled Hand

Kneeling at your bedside, I see your mangled hand.

Full-time Job

Trademark stickers, grigri, and plushie keychains adorn her walker.


The call comes in, they’re at it again