Raison D’Etre

As you read this, trillions of cells are analyzing, acting, and moving in a carefully orchestrated symphony. Each panel provides a glimpse into the individual, microscopic worlds in which these cells work constantly and anonymously to maintain life. Their visual forms provide hints to their unique roles and imagined personalities, all of which contribute to the physiologic success of a single individual: their selfless raison d’etre.

This work is organized in a 6×7 grid of panels, each of which depicts a single type of cell. The panels are arranged according to the approximate relative location that the depicted cell type is found in the body.

MED '23

Trevor is a student in the UUSOM Class of 2023. He enjoys oil painting recreationally and aspires to one day perfect the process of making Neapolitan-style pizza

Rubor Participation:
2021 Installation, Raison D'Etre