2020-2021 Editorial Team


Serena Fang

MED '21

Serena Fang
2021 Editor-in-Chief

Serena is a member of the UUSOM class of 2021 from Salt Lake City. She completed her undergraduate degree at Washington University in St. Louis with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, Neuroscience, and Philosophy (one major!), and a minor in Text and Traditions. Outside of class, she spent her time teaching music lessons with a local non-profit and DJ-ing for the on-campus radio station. Before starting medical school, she spent a year in Arlington, Virginia working as a medical assistant and exploring museums and brunch spots in D.C. In her medical career, she hopes to cultivate and share her life-long interest in human behavior—why we feel the things that we feel and do the things that we do. She is drawn to both medicine and the arts for the way that each field supports and promotes the human experience.

Serena is a member of the University of Utah School of Medicine class of 2021. She spent her undergraduate years in St. Louis at Washington University studying psychology, neuroscience and philosophy. Outside of medicine her interests include charcuterie boards, silk scarves, and lo-fi hip hop.

Rubor Participation:
2020 Associate Editor
2019 Mixed Media, "Jack's Mountain"
2019 Associate Editor
2018 Staff
2018 Contributing drawing/poem, cover back

Associate Editor

Sabina Imanbekova

2021 Editor-in-Chief

2021 Associate Editor

Sabina was born and raised in the mountainous city of Almaty, Kazakhstan, until age 12, and has lived in Salt Lake City ever since. She is a non-traditional second-year medical student, class of 2022, at the University of Utah. She graduated from the University of Utah with a dual B.S. in Biology and Psychology and a minor in Chemistry. She also performed extracurricular research in neuropsychology and cardiovascular genetics, worked in the student government, and volunteered with populations experiencing homelessness and disability. After undergrad, she worked as a data analyst, snowboarded to her heart’s content, and became certified as a PADI Rescue SCUBA diver. She also studied abroad in Grenoble, France, before starting medical school.

Sabina is interested in pursuing radiology and exploring the wholeness of doctors as individuals within and outside of our profession. She believes that self-expression through creation, poetry, prose, and music is essential to looking, observing, feeling, and understanding who we are. The arts and humanities allow us to delve into what makes us human—unique and different—as well as what connects us to one another. She is honored and excited to serve on the Rubor team.

She enjoys reading and piano, dabbling in French and Spanish, and spending time with her daughter.

Sabina Imanbekova is a 4th-year medical student, mom, and Rubor Editor-in-Chief. She plans to pursue the exciting field of interventional psychiatry and enjoys piano, art, exercise, puns, and the great outdoors.

Rubor Participation:
2021 Mixed media, "Breathless"
2021 Associate Editor
2020 Oil/acrylic on canvas, "The Forest"
2020 Associate Editor
2019 Acrylic/felt/LED light painting, "Collective Rebirth"
2019 Prose Content Editor

Web/Media Editor

Abigail M. Felsted

MED '23

Abi Felsted, UUSOM '23, is a writer, artist, and creator. She graduated from BYU with a degree in public health and gerontology and loves the range of humans from tiny tots to the sweet aging. She enjoys spending time outdoors, with dogs, and fell in love with medicine at age 9 with a passion that has never waivered.

Rubor Participation
2021 Digital Drawing, "Before the Air Hit His Brain"
2020 Prose, "You Are Worth It", web edition

Associate Editor

Laurel Hiatt

Content Editor - Poetry & Prose

Katrina Hillam

MED '24, Content Editor

MED '24

Katrina is a student in the UUSOM class of 2024. She has a B.S. in Neuroscience and a background in editing, and plans on practicing Neonatology. She loves endlessly rereading poetry, wandering through new cities, and unsuccessfully studying several languages at once.

Rubor Participation:
2021 Essay, "Paper Corpses"
2021 Content Editor - Prose & Poetry

Content Editor - Visual Art

Cameron Arkin

Content Editor