COVID-19 Art Aloud!

The Program of Medical Ethics and Humanities presents: COVID-19 Art Aloud! A Virtual Open Mic Event Friday, May 29, 2020     12:00 – 1:00PM  Zoom in: Call in:  +1 253 215 8782  Meeting ID: 919 3004 3705 Writing is one way to cope with the coronavirus pandemic.  Reading to a sympathetic audience is another. As a way of sharing …

Strange Gifts

DNA is the great cosmic irony. It is a catalogue of existence, containing all requisites for life.

Good Cry

Oil painting

Collective Rebirth

This multimedia piece represents our communal metamorphosis from strangers to family and from students to doctors.

Bioethics Boiled Down

A piece that seeks to depict the thin line where the pressure from one side is equal to the other and change occurs.


From any other angle it appeared to be a normal tree, but if you stood just right you could truly appreciate how hard it had to work just to stay alive.

Bear Lake

Exactly 5 years and 3 months since his death

The Other Yao

Doctor Yao was a prodigious physician.

Breathing Matters

A piece inspired by the discussion surrounding physician burnout and how to tackle this problem.


When I am dying I will breathe in triplets.


as in the tatted walls of Canyon de Chelly

Tree of Hippocrates

Throughout my time so far in medical school, I have experienced a wide variety of thoughts, feelings, and emotions, many wonderful, some not so much.


Smiling, laughter, and chuckling out of breath

Team 1



“You know who you remind me of, Ali,” the plastic surgeon standing opposite me in the operating room said. “Snoop Dogg. You sound just like him.”

The Gift

Oh, the decision it must have been