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Our initiation to healthcare involves a confrontation with death.


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Ceremony honors 241 who donated bodies for U. medical studies

U. of. U., loved ones pay tribute to people who gave remains for study.
Dani Golomb

Dani Golomb, a first-year U. medical student, echoed that sentiment as she spoke about her body donor, Dallas.

She described her apprehension toward touching the cadaver in her anatomy course, fear that gave way to gratitude as the class progressed. She greeted him at the start of every class and explained the procedures she’d perform each class. Golomb said she’d never forget holding his heart in her hands, after it had worked hard for 82 years — with scars to prove it.

“I hope you all find comfort and resolution in knowing the gift they gave was treasured,” Golomb said. “It enriched us and taught us even more about what it means to be human beings.”

Dani Golomb

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