Lemon Drops

Lemon Drops Anne Vinsel To Connie Poss, cuddler extraordinaire, and to BR. I didn’t know. I spent a year lost in the lemon drops away above the chimney tops. I remember very little about that year, packaging my cello up and sending it to my sister, giving Clyde the dog away and finally cutting a …


When I am dying I will breathe in triplets.

Pas Seul

Luke had been up for more than twenty-four hours on his second day of work, and was starting to hallucinate.



Ghost Surgeon


Chemo Pond

Oil painting

Read about Anne’s contribution to the design of The Cellie Cancer Coping Kit toy, from a pair of wool socks, for Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. 

Link to Meet Virginia: Biography of a Breast, co-authored by Anne Vinsel.