Volume 8 | 2020

Table of contents

Good Cry

Oil painting

Man in Pain

Intaglio print

Phoebe Draper
2020 Associate Editor

Phoebe is a Salt Lake City native and a third-year medical student in the class of 2021 at the University of Utah. Before medical school, she majored in oil painting at Brown University, and worked with a consulting group called Arts Practica to build relationships between medical schools and art museums. She studied painting abroad at The Sorbonne in Paris and worked in Washington D.C. as a researcher in global nursing practices. She plans to pursue a career in women’s health as an OB/GYN, with a focus on access to care in low-income areas in the U.S. and Latin America. She is honored and energized to be on the Rubor team because the magazine helps weave art and storytelling into the medical school experience. Medicine and art are, she believes, intimately intertwined. Both require close observation, navigation of uncertainty, and deliberate decision-making. Both illuminate what’s most important in our lives, and both can lead to healing.