Pen and ink on watercolor and haiku poem

Serena Fang
2021 Editor-in-Chief

Serena is a member of the UUSOM class of 2021 from Salt Lake City. She completed her undergraduate degree at Washington University in St. Louis with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, Neuroscience, and Philosophy (one major!), and a minor in Text and Traditions. Outside of class, she spent her time teaching music lessons with a local non-profit and DJ-ing for the on-campus radio station. Before starting medical school, she spent a year in Arlington, Virginia working as a medical assistant and exploring museums and brunch spots in D.C. In her medical career, she hopes to cultivate and share her life-long interest in human behavior—why we feel the things that we feel and do the things that we do. She is drawn to both medicine and the arts for the way that each field supports and promotes the human experience.