When I was a medical student,

Hippocratic Souls

Meditation. Yoga. Meditation. Yoga.

Ocean Heart

I had been sick with a cough for a week


As a young adult living with Type 1 diabetes, I have heard more misconceptions about diabetes than I care to remember.


bedsheets and socks on their feet and wrappers strewn like cigarette butts on


An 11th birthday present,

Mass Effect

I do not know


I was not the last to touch her,

Gallbladder Pain

Those were her words

Hope Springs Eternal

This piece is dedicated to my dear friend Maddie, who was diagnosed with Stage III Melanoma at the age of 23.

Morning (G)rounds

Drawing, Back-cover Volume 8 | 2020

A Look Underneath

Drawing. Pencil and colored pencil Free Hand sketch off of original done by Banwell 1952


You thought you had her figured out, didn’t you?

Old Music Book

I am back from losing you

You Are Worth It

The library is cold and silent late on a Friday night and my body and mind are tired but,


White privilege runs deep.


Exhausted. Open door.

The Search

I cannot find or see what I seek. Blind, I

What’s Left

Photography, Poetry