ICU Lullaby

My love for you grows in silence
Your tiny hands are still
The band around your wrist tells the world you are mine
Yet you seem farther than ever before
I tell myself you can hear me
So I talk to you through the night And sing your favorite lullabies
I feel the pain you cannot tell me And remember what you will not
When you are older I will sit at your bedside
And tell you of the time when you had to forget
And lay still in a metal bed, like sleeping beauty
I will not tell you about the lines, and tubes, and beeping sounds
Reminding me every minute that we were not in a fairytale
Instead, I will say you were brave
And never alone
I will tell myself I did not wait too long to call
And maybe I will believe it
Then I will watch you drift to sleep
With the peace of knowing
That in the morning You will wake