Branch Hanging

Branch Hanging - Lana Weber

We carry biases with us. They reflect our backgrounds and what we have been exposed to in our lives. Anchoring bias weighs us down and shapes our approach to others. It is the hope that through acknowledging our biases and moving away from them allows, we can achieve more present, connected interactions with others. This project aims to be a meditation on the possibilities for growth through shared human experience. Just as we are shaped by our biases, so is the wool pulled and shaped by the brass weights. The progression toward stronger connections is represented in the path from soft wool to manila rope to a wooden branch, as the hanging moves from the bottom to the top. An unbiased approach to patients and others is a life long goal, and as such the project is left unfinished. The knitted rope has not been casted off, but rather is left on the branch, with excess rope coiled at the top left of the hanging.