The Fight & The Surrender

Diagnosis. A hated word.
Life changed overnight.
Young and healthy. Husband, children.
Time to fight, fight, fight.

Prognosis. A meaningless word.
Numbers can be wrong.
The Knife. Chemo. Radiation.
Bring it on, on, on.

Thrombosis. A frightening word.
Soul and body sore.
Doctors discuss time that remains.
Plead for more, more, more.

Neurosis. An unwelcome word.
Anxious. Full of fear.
Those you love never leave your side.
Hold them dear, dear, dear.

Metastasis. A somber word.
Love wells in your chest.
Surrender to mortality.
Time to rest, rest, rest.

Catharsis. A heavenly word.
Peace adorns your face.
As you lived life, so you leave it,
Filled with grace, grace, grace.