“So, how did you get into medical school?”

This Cold

There is a strange immediacy to the feeling of being cold.


As a young adult living with Type 1 diabetes, I have heard more misconceptions about diabetes than I care to remember.

Hope Springs Eternal

This piece is dedicated to my dear friend Maddie, who was diagnosed with Stage III Melanoma at the age of 23.

You Are Worth It

The library is cold and silent late on a Friday night and my body and mind are tired but,

The Unspoken Fraternity

Stephen was built like an ox, his broad frame barely squeezing into the

Day One

As I begin my first day as an intern in the ICU, a nurse I’ve never met greets me

Jannigje (Jean)

I wish I had known you.

Strange Gifts

DNA is the great cosmic irony. It is a catalogue of existence, containing all requisites for life.

Bear Lake

Exactly 5 years and 3 months since his death


“You know who you remind me of, Ali,” the plastic surgeon standing opposite me in the operating room said. “Snoop Dogg. You sound just like him.”

Who Heals the Healer?

My wife and I got into an argument last night.


Bearded. Pungent. Sour smelling clothes stuck in places well beyond the

Freudian Slippers

I am standing in front of a heavy brown door with a small window at eye level.


I gowned up in the doorway, studying her.

Why Medicine?

For a long time when asked “Why medicine?”, I responded, “Why the moon?”

What’s The Difference?

It’s cold. The air is quiet in here – it must be snowing outside.


It’s funny how sometimes life can catch up with you.

I Remember You

I remember you had so much cancer eroding your mouth that you sneezed and it broke your jaw

Rotation #6

It hasn’t been enough. How did this come so early?!?

Southern Charm

She reminded me of my mother – if my mother were a charming Southern Belle from Texas who believed that God dictated every move in her life.

A Silent Sentinel

As I did my first newborn exam today, it hit me–how you were supposed to be.