Second Messenger

A drop hitting water
Spreads like eternity
An affect that continues
Like emotion pouring out of me
Wondering where are we going?

Open air expands
Beyond my capacity
Hyperpolar osmotic
That changes every part me
What am I to receive?

Anger burns reason
Necrosis of humanity
Taste every morning
Like the sun coursing out to the sea
It feels like reciprocity…

Fall senescing into amber
Brown honey and gold
Melts into tomorrow
Transformed by the snow
Slowly becoming.

Reflection assembles pain
Turning loss into possibility
An electromagnetic expanse
Capable of metamorphosis
Life is evolving.

Change like an isomer
Love as a commodity
Anesthesia encompassing
History as we want it to be
The neurogenesis

Of memories…

A psychiatry resident at the University of Utah.