Smiling, laughter, and chuckling out of breath as two little feet rub against my beard
This is it
I am happy

Loud sounds warp me out of a memory, confusion, heavy eyes and an aching body remains in
It’s still dark outside
I was happy

Scrubs on and face washed, with your hand on the doorknob you’re ready to walk out the door
I wonder if those two little feet are….
I’ll come home early and play with those little piggies tonight
I promise

Walk to the car, no, let’s jog.
Speed through traffic and arrive at the refiner’s fire,
Pre-round, round, present your plan and get mocked… feel shame.
Authoritative voices reiterate “study more, improve, be smarter, this is what’s most important!”
They’re wrong

Look outside and realize that time has beaten you once again,
The absence of light taunts and sneaks words into your mind
“You are late again”

Rush home and arrive at familiarity, forgiveness and love.
Walk to the front door, no, let’s run. Maybe it’s not too late.
Lights are out,
I wonder if… little feet?
Somewhere in between wishes and memories I’ll still play with you tonight,
I promise

MED '19

Kevin Rodriguez Amenero is a member of the University of Utah School of Medicine class of 2019. He has a B.S. in exercise science and will be moving to Denver for his general surgery residency in summer 2019. He is originally from Peru and is heavily involved with the Hispanic community. He is an avid rock climber, and a loving father and husband. 

Rubor Participation:
2019 Poem, "Balance"