The guilt I carry
Drags at me like a
Sea anchor in a storm.
More weight flows in and
My scuppers are not enough.
Perhaps, then, I founder.

You come—an ocean in your eyes
And mouth ringed with earth, the
Sky upon your brow. Mortality
Pressing upon you all creation within
You, screaming culpability because your
Insensibility. Because you filled the
Mortal needle. And lay in stupor
Next to her choking warmth

Her machine is left for you but
Her dislodged intangible presses
—A weight I could not bear.
Your confession dribbles, but
Walking, we leave it behind.

Sharing knowledge of what
Has been together I see lengthening
Back behind us—tightening—
The bowed tails of
Our guilt flying,
Pulling us straight against
The stiffening breeze.

Hunter Wright is a member of the University of Utah School of Medicine class of 2021. He holds a B.A. in Ancient Greek and Latin literature. He enjoys heavy metal objects and singing along to Disney songs with his daughter.

Rubor Participation:
2019 Poetry Content Editor
2019 Poem
2018 Staff