A Look Underneath

"A Look Underneath" - drawing by Russell Hendrycks

Pencil and colored pencil Free Hand sketch off of original done by Banwell 1952

“Anatomy by Dr. Morton has been the highlight of my first year of medical school and inspired me to draw an anatomic picture. This presented a new challenge to me because I have never attempted to draw an anatomic structure in my life. I was challenged a lot with this piece because it required attention to fine detail. In the past, I have drawn logos of sports teams or other miscellaneous objects. I chose to draw a picture of the hand because I have a desire to be a hand surgeon and it is something I am passionate about. The hand is essential to total body function and our quality of life because it allows us to experience the things that bring our lives joy such as art, music, hobbies, sports, and playing with grandchildren. It is easy to take the sense of touch for granted and this picture reminds us of the intricate vessels, nerves, and muscles that must function cohesively to experience that joy.”

Russell Hendrycks, UUSOM '23 is from Utah and graduated from the University of Utah with a degree in Exercise and Sport Science. He enjoys skiing, exercise, traveling the world and spending time with his wife, newborn son, and mini-goldendoodle puppy.

Rubor Participation
2020 Illustration, recreation Banwell 1952, "A Look Underneath", web edition