A Look Underneath

Drawing. Pencil and colored pencil Free Hand sketch off of original done by Banwell 1952


You thought you had her figured out, didn’t you?

Old Music Book

I am back from losing you

You Are Worth It

The library is cold and silent late on a Friday night and my body and mind are tired but,


White privilege runs deep.


Exhausted. Open door.

The Search

I cannot find or see what I seek. Blind, I

What’s Left

Photography, Poetry

The Unspoken Fraternity

Stephen was built like an ox, his broad frame barely squeezing into the



Day One

As I begin my first day as an intern in the ICU, a nurse I’ve never met greets me


Deep rooted


You can tell a lot about people by looking at their shoes.

Make Your Way

At times, we are lost in a sea of thought. We swim in new ideas and warm,

Blue and Yellow

She laughed as she ran


desensitization: decreasing a response to a stimulus after repeated exposure

Jannigje (Jean)

I wish I had known you.


Mixed Media

A Study of Form

Charcoal, Drawing


All the weary and the downtrodden, the hopeless and forgotten. Pick yourself