Focus on the Numbers

15: the number of feet you flew through the air in the incident; the number of days later I’m still  thinking about your case.
9: the number of pieces your skull was in when you arrived; the number of upbeat songs I  played in my car during my drive home.
5: the number of months you were alive; the time in the afternoon I called my mom, desperately  needing to talk about it with someone.
2: the number of caretakers who should have protected you, but didn’t; the number of times I  had to fight back tears during your autopsy.
1: the number of blows you received when you wouldn’t stop crying; the total number of post mortems like yours I hope I’ll have to see in my life.

MED '21
Issues: Volume 7, Volume 8

Leslie Denson, UUSOM '21 spends most of her time as an apprentice healer and full-time dreamer. She also enjoys books, music, food, naps, cats and is an unrepentantly avid lover of puns."

Rubor Participation:
2020 prose, "Focus on the Numbers"
2020 prose, "Shoes", web edition
2020 prose, "Pre-Rounding", web edition
Prose Content Editor, 2019