Hippocratic Souls

Meditation. Yoga. Meditation. Yoga.
Today I came in contact with my own selfishness.
Years of scrutiny and rumor laid bare.
Their projections.
Their selfishness.
Is it kind to keep the other’s sleeping?
Protect the innocence of the babes?
Or is kind to rock the cradle and wake them from their graves?
My projections.
My selfishness.
Play polite and paint the smile.
Curtsy now and stay a while.
Persona of professional.
Hippocrite or fanciful?
The social masks we play the game.
Pretending they are not the same.
Wait a moment, forget her name.
And dance away the tears.

Perspectives felt and heard today.
Across the seas their pain won’t stay.
Feel for them.
Wash it away.
The innocence of babes.
My story is as my story goes.
Twisting now in rows it flows.
Project on me while they don’t know.
Mix of emotion there she goes.
Her selfishness revealed.
Hide your pain so we won’t see.
Avoiding accountability.
No punishment threatened and then we’ll see…
Will at last you stand with me?
The answer’s no and now I’m free.
The bastard of this family.
Cut loose from this very tree to leave the others hanging. I feel their pain.
They are the same.

They learned her name.
They stopped the game.
Without a fight she won their rights.
Now sailing off into the night forgiving them once more.

Compassionate, confused they’d be.
Reveal to them what they wish not to see.
Is it you or is it me?
Our selfishness revealed.
Every man fights for himself.
Expecting close to nothing else.
Leave the money on the shelf and wipe away the tears. Drama, rumor, and intrigue.
How boring must their stories be?
To waste time thinking about me?
They were your friends.
Just let it be.
Grateful to be free of me.
The boundaries of insanity.
Play pretend sit quietly.
This story you can’t win.

Our masks revealed.
Their faces flushed.
Leave her lying in the dust.
Starting over now she must.
They’re so lovely and unjust.
In our doctors place our trust.
Please the masses now we must.
Chop her down to size.
Certainly it’s an illusion.
The one sane soul in this delusion.
But darling it’s not their confusion.
Let them live in their pollution.
The truth will set you free.
It pissed them off.
And rightly so.
Telling what they wish not to know.
Wrap the blanket and rock them tight.
Remember they are full of light.
These Hippocratic souls.
Do no harm the oath we’ve made.
Your words can cut make me your slave.
Bury it all inside the grave.
And resurrect the corpse.

This broken body now restored.
Send them love.
Move on once more.
They’re so lovely and unsure.
The awkwardness you’ve caused.
I cannot like you it’s too hard.
You must be something disordered. Point the finger and mock it more.
Finally walking through the door.
She leaves the lesson learned.
She loves them so in their own way. And they do too, well she’s ok.
Making jokes now walk away.
And dance away your fears.