The Journey

A longing desire,
A burning fire,

A silent journey filled with tears.
We never thought we would have to struggle for so many years!

After countless visits and incoming bills,
After sacrificing so many other thrills,

All the simple solutions have been exhausted.
Through this journey, much of our savings it has costed.

Doctors have said for us the next step is IVF.
We weigh this news against the ever-mounting med school debt.

A reason why, modern medicine does not know.
Thus, on this journey we continue to go.

Many say during medical school it is foolish to try. While their logic is sound, being without makes our hearts cry.

We think “This year we will try with all our might”. Then I hear a classmate joke that a baby is the largest parasite.

We have a special lecture about the benefits of abortion. Oh, what we would give to have their dilemma, even just a portion.

A friend of mine tells me they were blessed to be able to plan. I think to myself, “For us it will happen when it can.”

My class cheers as yet another shouts “I’m excited for my boy!” While happy for them, I wonder when we will feel such joy.

Compared to others we know, this trial seems so small. Yet to me and my spouse, it matters more than all.

Do not underestimate the weight of a trial that has no end. While you cannot relieve my burden, you can be my friend.

Fifteen percent of people struggle to conceive.
We are not alone. We will continue to believe.