Hopeless (2)

Beauty at a juncture
Seeps and saturates
Refusing to compartmentalize
Soaking life into dry sinews
My landscape is full of shadows
That cannot reach my aching hand
Futilely attempting to sway their course
I see the world in shades
Of sunrise and sunset
La vie en rose
Each hue carries a hello or goodbye
The two meanings disparate
Yet the colors indistinguishable
Goodbyes feel beautiful today
As I heal from eras where shadows
Itched and scratched
Raged and beated
With tangible ferocity
Hellos feel beautiful today
As I stare at the future
I have painstakingly gift-wrapped
Lately I have been lifting a corner
Of that tightly-bound gift
To glimpse inside
And it is as beautiful as I had hoped
Then I tuck the corner back down
And come home
Steeped in sunrise
Rejoicing in sunset
Anticipating my next glimpse at the gift
The shadows watch me
And I glance at them from time to time
We are weary and wary and worried
But it’s hard to always remember
The agony of the shadows
At sunrise and sunset

MED '21

Cait's interests include intersectional feminism and the great outdoors. When she is not in clinic, she can usually be found in the mountains listening to a book.

Rubor Participation:
2021 Poems, "Hopeless"