Three fingers of your left hand,
it was a simple request.
With three fingers,
the guitar could still sing for me.
For days, your tattooed figure
had laid lifeless in bed
as bacteria sailed in your blood.
Friends told me stories about you,
how you were a father figure
in the homeless community.
Wizard, they called you
after your magical tattoos,
always has a trick up his sleeve.
In another life, you had been to Juilliard,
and now you were working on an album.
You woke up to a skeleton
from five operations on your hand,
cutting out more and more infection.
When the scalpel turned to bone saw,
you asked for a spell to not wake again.

Ben Drum, MD/PhD is a PGY-3 in the Internal Medicine & Pediatrics program at the University of Utah. He is originally from Oregon and trained at the University of Washington.

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2021 Poem, "Wizard"
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2020 Co-editor
2020 Prose, "Running His Mouth"