Three fingers of your left hand, it was a simple request. With three fingers, the guitar could still sing for me. For days, your tattooed figure had laid lifeless in bed as bacteria sailed in your blood. Friends told me stories about you, how you were a father figure in the homeless community. Wizard, they …

The benefit of the doubt

The  benefit  of  the  doubt  sauntered  into  the  operating   theatre  and demanded  to  speak  to  the  attending surgeon.   He  gave her  a  blunt scalpel  and  an  extra sterile towel,  then  hid  under the drapes  for  the rest  of  the  case. I gave the benefit of  the  doubt  a three-strike  policy. You  really shouldn’t  be doing  …


When I was a medical student,

Gallbladder Pain

Those were her words

Hospital Tourism

Our ICU has over 100 beds.