What’s The Difference?

It’s cold. The air is quiet in here – it must be snowing outside.


It’s funny how sometimes life can catch up with you.

I Remember You

I remember you had so much cancer eroding your mouth that you sneezed and it broke your jaw

Rotation #6

It hasn’t been enough. How did this come so early?!?

Southern Charm

She reminded me of my mother – if my mother were a charming Southern Belle from Texas who believed that God dictated every move in her life.

A Silent Sentinel

As I did my first newborn exam today, it hit me–how you were supposed to be.

A Prescription for Empathy

Empathy is essential to humane health care practice, yet it can be difficult to teach.

The Storyteller

Our initiation to healthcare involves a confrontation with death.

Pas Seul

Luke had been up for more than twenty-four hours on his second day of work, and was starting to hallucinate.


One morning Dr. Freeman woke up in somebody else’s bed.

The Stethoscope

We found the old doctor’s bag in some weeds next to the woodpile,

A Dying Man

After relating his prognosis to a dying man with widely metastatic cancer

Growing Pains

I frowned at the dying rhubarb in my yard.