Make Your Way

At times, we are lost in a sea of thought. We swim in new ideas and warm, nostalgic reflections on our past. Peacefully, we float in the present, letting go of the weight of worry, shame, and regret. Hopes for the future move us with the current. Our dreams allow us to ride out storms of doubt and keep afloat in the tempests that, inevitably, come from the negativity of others. Swim on. You can do this. You will make it to the shore.

Pamela Carpenter, MEd/C-TAGME is originally from Mississippi and has worked in graduate medical administration for almost two decades at the U. She is one of the Associate Program Directors for the UU Pediatric Residency Program. She has been an artist for many years, with a background in education, animation, fine art, and film production. She loves art, film, wild animal rescue, and working with residents and medical students.

Rubor Participation
2020 Acrylic on canvas, "Golden Aspens"
2020 Acrylic on canvas, "Winter Stripes", web edition
2020 Prose, "Make Your Way", web edition
2020 Prose, "The Search", web edition